1st Annual SU2 Developers Meeting

Hosted @ TU Delft

As an open-source project, growing vibrant user and developer communities is a crucial goal for the SU2 team, and we're dedicated to making the best possible tools available to everyone. Less than five years since the release of SU2, the community already numbers in the thousands, and developers are a rapidly growing segment. Today, we're thrilled to announce the 1st Annual SU2 Developers Meeting, and you're invited.

Click the image to see the agenda.

We're gathering the most active development teams from around the world in one place to showcase the latest in SU2. Check out the agenda above, and should you wish to join (in-person or virtually), please register for the meeting by following the link below. Follow-up emails with further instructions will be sent to registrants before the meeting.

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On to the next one: SU2 v4.3.

We just cut a fresh release before the developers meeting. SU2 v4.3 contains many new features and improvements, including the following:

  • Redesign of the high-level Driver classes for code clarity and future flexibility.
  • Alternating digital tree (ADT) implementation for efficient geometric searches.
  • Stability improvements for the periodic boundary condition implementation.
  • Improved memory management and leak removal throughout the entire codebase.
  • CGNS v3.3.0 now distributed and automatically integrated with the autotools build.
  • Additional bug fixes, stability improvements, and general code maintenance.

SU2 v4.3 is now available on our Download page and GitHub.

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We're shooting for the stars.

If you like SU2, show your support by giving us a star on GitHub and following us on Twitter. If you're interested in joining the open source movement as a developer, get involved on GitHub by watching and forking the code, and join our developer email list to keep up with the latest dev news. We're always looking for talent.

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