Downloading SU2

SU2 is available freely for use under the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1. Please reference the license details for terms and conditions.

Before downloading the software, please take a moment to register for the email list, so you won't miss out on the latest news and announcements from the SU2 project. We respect your privacy, and the information we collect is used only for statistics and never shared. Your participation lets us build a better tool to suit the needs of our community.


Binary Executables

This option is for users who wish to use SU2 without the need to compile the program from source. Note: binary distributions for macOS, Linux, and Windows have reduced functionality; non-default libraries and dependencies are removed (serial versions only).

The following binaries are available for download by clicking the buttons below:

  • macOS Sierra 10.13: Apple LLVM version 9.1.0.
  • Linux (Redhat 6.6): g++ (GCC) 4.8.5.
  • Linux (Ubuntu 14.04): g++ (Ubuntu 4.8.4-2ubuntu1~14.04.3) 4.8.4.
  • Windows 7: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010.
  • Windows 10: MinGW version 7.3.0. Microsoft MPI for parallel binaries. See details.

Current Release for macOS/Linux: SU2 v6.2.0

Current Release for Windows: SU2 v6.0.0

Source Code

There are a number of ways to access the SU2 source code. If you will be developing the code, we recommend that you clone the repository. On a Linux/Unix/Mac system with the standard git client, this can be done by executing:

$ git clone

You may also browse the code on GitHub directly. A link on the right hand side provides the option to download a current snapshot of the master branch repository as a ZIP file. The latest release will also be tagged and available on the GitHub releases page, and for convenience, you can download the this source code from the latest release directly with the button below:

Source (.tar.gz)

Once you have obtained a copy of the code, follow the installation instructions to compile and install from source.

Previous Versions

SU2 is hosted on GitHub, and previous versions are tagged and available on the releases page.


As part of our documentation and training, we ship a set of tutorials that walk the user through setting up and executing a number of examples. These cases start from the basics and help the user learn SU2 quickly. Later tutorials cover advanced SU2 capabilities, such as optimal shape design.

Web Tutorials (.tar.gz)

The entire set of documentation and tutorials ships with the main project website repository. You can download all of the necessary files (including config files and grids) using the following:

$ git clone

Test Case Suite

SU2 comes with an extensive collection of common test cases. The test cases contain meshes and configuration files that can be run to ensure different components of the suite are working properly. Test cases (configuration and mesh files) are included in a separate repository, also available on GitHub that can be accessed using:

$ git clone

The latest release of the test cases will also be tagged and available on the GitHub releases page, and for convenience, you can download the this source code from the latest release directly with the button below:

Test Cases (.tar.gz)

Note that, while many of the cases are used for regression testing, this test case suite is provided without any guarantees on performance or expected results. Keep in mind that small changes to the configuration options can often result in large changes to the output. We encourage the community to experiment with these test cases, or even try (and share!) other interesting validation cases with SU2!

Please see the documentation on how to use the test cases.