Let's git started.

You may have noticed a new trend for the fall season: becoming an SU2 developer. It is our pleasure to unveil a new page specifically for developers with all of the basics for working with the SU2 source code through GitHub. To start, the page contains information about the following:

  • Joining and using the SU2 developer list.
  • Profile pages for groups that are actively developing SU2 all over the globe.
  • Working with SU2 in Github (issue tracking, branching, code submission).
  • Training materials geared toward developing SU2.

We will continue to add more content as it becomes available, such as links to presentations, videos, or additional tutorials on navigating the SU2 source code. If your group is developing SU2, please contact us so that we can recognize your contributions.

SU2 Developer Page

While we're on the topic of GitHub, we should mention that our documentation just got a fresh coat of paint. In order to continue improving the SU2 experience for our community, we are proud to introduce the new home for the SU2 documentation on GitHub. Moving the documentation allows us to continue consolidating key SU2 components under one roof and will make future expansion and community involvement easier than ever.

SU2 GitHub Wiki