Join the Team

The SU2 community continues to grow rapidly, and together, we are making a measurable, worldwide impact on CFD. Now, it's time to tap into our collective expertise, creativity, and skills to take the project to the next level.

We are proud to announce the SU2 Foundation, a new non-profit organization formed in the United States. The mission of the SU2 Foundation is to promote global software development and education to increase the pace of innovation in the engineering sciences for the benefit of all society.

SU2 is being developed collaboratively by individuals and organized teams around the world. A goal of the SU2 Foundation is to provide a trusted, neutral forum or community collaboration around the SU2 project, including transparent, community-driven technical governance. All individuals and groups are welcome to join the community and development process. Please contact the SU2 Foundation if you would like more information, or head straight to our GitHub repository, as described below.

Git-ting Started

GitHub is the center of all development efforts in SU2. The su2code GitHub organization contains the primary code repository, as well as supporting materials:

SU2 on Github!

You can check out all of the development activity, and new developers are encouraged to log feature requests, questions, and bug reports through the GitHub issue tracker. Developers can have their code contributions integrated through GitHub as well. For more information, look at the SU2 wiki on GitHub.