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On January 19, 2012, we launched SU2 v1.0. What started as a small project has snowballed into a movement. The SU2 community continues to grow, numbering in the thousands of users and hundreds of developers. Our open-source philosophy let's us bring together the top expertise in CFD from around the world to accomplish new feats at a lightning pace. Today marks the 5th anniversary of SU2, and we're celebrating with the official release of SU2 v5.0 "Raven," featuring a new in-memory Python wrapper.

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A primary new feature of SU2 v5.0 is an extended Python module (wrapper) developed in collaboration with the Multiphysics and Turbulent Flows Control Lab at University of Li├Ęge. The goal of the Python wrapper is to provide a true customization layer for SU2 that leverages the existing object-oriented design of the C++ code. This high-level Python framework can be used to drive the solver (even in parallel with MPI) and dynamically exchange data during runtime. The new wrapper opens the door to endless opportunities for coupling with external software packages, especially for multiphysics simulations. For more information, please see our paper on coupled FSI simulations in the proceedings of ECCOMAS 2016 and a forthcoming tutorial on the SU2 GitHub wiki. And don't miss our AIAA Journal article covering the entire SU2 suite!

SU2 in the AIAA Journal

SU2 v5.0 contains many new features and improvements, including the following:

  • New in-memory Python wrapping of SU2 using SWIG with accompanying high-level API.
  • Class enhancements for multiphysics applications, including interpolation and transfer.
  • Free-form deformation (FFD) extensions, including bezier curves and improved usability.
  • Reorganization of the incompressible solver for future expansion.
  • Harmonic Balance flow analysis capability.
  • Algebraic transition model implementation.
  • More and better boundary conditions (accuracy and convergence improvements).
  • Extensions to scripting for automated database creation (
  • Critical improvements in I/O, including more feedback to the user.
  • Additional bug fixes, stability improvements, and general code maintenance.

SU2 v5.0 is now available on our Download page and GitHub.

Celebrating 5 years of SU2.

Join us as we look back at the first 5 years of SU2 and prepare for the next 5. See many of the people and major events that have shaped the history of SU2 in the timeline below, and look ahead to the exciting new developments that are keeping our team busy as we speak.

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