The SU2 Tutorial Collection

Getting started with SU2

Rather than writing a long manual on all available (and constantly evolving) configuration options available in SU2, the approach has been taken to teach the various aspects of the SU2 code through a range of tutorials. If you would like to see all of the available config options, we keep a configuration file template in the root directory of the source distribution (see config_template.cfg).

The tutorials are numbered roughly in order of their complexity and how experienced with the code the user may need to be, noting that the more advanced tutorials may assume the user has already worked through the earlier ones. Each tutorial attempts to present new features of SU2 and contains explanations for the key configuration file options. More information on the exact learning goals of a tutorial can be seen at the beginning of each.

You can get all the mesh and config files either by cloning or downloading the project website repository or by downloading them separately using the provided links on each tutorial page.

Note: Before beginning with the tutorials, please make sure to check out the information on how to download and install.

Summary of tutorials

Analysis Features

  • Inviscid Bump in a Channel
    A simulation of internal, inviscid flow through a 2D geometry.
  • Inviscid Supersonic Wedge
    Get familiar with a basic supersonic flows with analytical solution.
  • Inviscid ONERAM6
    Simulation of external, inviscid flow around a 3D geometry (isolated wing).
  • Laminar Flat Plate
    Simulation of external, laminar flow over a flat plate (clasical Navier-Stokes validation).
  • Laminar Cylinder
    Simulation of external, laminar flow around a 2D cylinder.
  • Turbulent Flat Plate
    Simulation of external, turbulent flow over a flat plate (clasical RANS validation).
  • Transitional Flat Plate
    Simulation of external, transitional flow over a flat plate (transitional latminar-turbulent case)
  • Turbulent ONERAM6
    Simulation of external, viscous flow around a 3D geometry (isolated wing) using a turbulence model.

Shape Design Features

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