4th Annual Developers Meeting - Presentation Session Agenda

Time Title Authors
0800 - 0830 Welcome & Introducing the SU2 Foundation Thomas D. Economon (Robert Bosch LLC/SU2 Foundation)
0830 - 0850 Vision and perspective of SU2 development center at National Institute of Aerospace (NIA) (Invited Talk) Boris Diskin (National Institute of Aerospace)
0850 - 0910 Turbomachinery Capabilities in SU2: Status of Current Developments and Future Perspectives Nitish Anand, Matteo Pini, Piero Colonna (TU Delft)
0910 - 0930 Aerodynamics of hinged rotorcraft in SU2, with applications to ice accretion and noise Myles Morelli, Alberto Guardone (PoliMi)
0930 - 0950 Recent Developments of Hybrid RANS/LES in SU2 Eduardo S. Molina, Juan J. Alonso (Stanford), Beckett Y. Zhou, Nicolas R. Gauger (TU Kaiserslautern)
1000 - 1030 Coffee Break -
1030 - 1050 Multi-Physics Analysis and External Code Compatibility Heather Kline (National Institute of Aerospace)
1050 - 1110 Shape and Topology Optimization of Fluid-Structure-Interaction Problems Pedro Gomes, Rafael Palacios (Imperial College London)
1110 - 1130 Towards fully automated aerodynamics shape optimization of nonplanar wings with SU2 Rauno Cavallaro (Universidad Carlos III Madrid)
1130 - 1150 Boundary and Surface Shape Newton Schemes and Their Automatic Generation Stephan Schmidt (Universität Würzburg)
1200 - 1330 Lunch -
1330 - 1350 Pressure-robustness - a new criterion for the accuracy of incompressible Navier-Stokes solvers at high Reynolds number and beyond Alexander Linke (Weierstraß Institut Berlin)
1350 - 1410 Implementation of a pressure based incompressible solver in SU2 Akshay.K.R, Huseyin Ozdemir (TNO), Edwin van der Weide (University of Twente)
1410 - 1430 Streamwise periodic flow simulations Tobias Kattmann (Robert Bosch GmbH/TU Kaiserslautern)
1440 - 1450 Accuracy verification by means of exact and manufactured solutions Edwin van der Weide (University of Twente), Thomas D. Economon (Robert Bosch LLC)
1500 - 1530 Coffee Break -
1530 - 1550 SU2-NEMO: NonEquilibrium MOdels for Hypersonic Flows Using Mutation++ Catarina Garbacz, Marco Fossati (University of Strathcylde), Walter T. Maier, Juan J. Alonso (Stanford University), James B. Scoggins (École Polytechnique), Thomas D. Economon (Robert Bosch LLC), Thierry Magin (Von Karman Institute)
1550- 1610 Shock capturing in SU2 DG-FEM solver Jae hwan Choi, Juan J. Alonso (Stanford University), Edwin van der Weide (University of Twente)