SU2 on Linux/MacOS


Download and unpack the archive

Download the .zip for your operating system and unzip it where you want it to be installed.

Setting Environment variables

In order to use the executables from any directory without explicitly specifying the path to the executable you should set some environment variables. Either add the following lines to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile to be permanent, or type the commands into the terminal for temporary use:

export SU2_RUN=<install_path>
export PATH=$SU2_RUN:$PATH

where <install_path> is the path to the SU2 binaries (i.e. the folder that contains SU2_CFD etc.). If you have built SU2 from source, it will be the path that you specified with the --prefix option (default: /usr/bin). The export commands are also printed after a successful configuration using

Optional: Install MPICH for parallel mode

If you want to run SU2 in parallel (and you have downloaded the MPI version), you need an installation of MPICH on your machine.

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