This page only applies to SU2 version 6.2.0 and lower.
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SU2 Forum at CFD Online and GitHub

Users of SU2 who have questions not addressed in the User’s Guide, Developer’s Guide, or FAQs pages, please post the question in the CFD online forum.

If you find bugs or issues in the source code or would like to submit a feature request, please use the issue tracker on the SU2 GitHub page at:

SU2 User’s Mailing List

Users are encouraged to join the SU2 user’s email list. This list will be used to communicate important information to users such as new releases or event announcements. To join, follow the link below. We take privacy matters seriously - please see our privacy and cookie policies for more information.

Join the List!

Join the SU2 Development Team

All developers that would like to contribute to SU2 are encouraged to get involved on GitHub. Whether you would like to share new features or fixes with the community through Pull Requests, report issues or feature requests, or discuss the latest with your fellow developers, your participation is most welcome!

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