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Do you want to contribute to SU2 with a tutorial? It’s easy! Just create a fork of the SU2 Project Website repository, write your tutorial and open a pull request.

Writing content

The tutorials in this section of the site are stored under the _tutorials folder. To add your contributions:

1. Create a new subfolder in _tutorials/ as _tutorials/Your_Folder_Name, where you will store your subgroup of tutorials. You can also add your contribution to an existing folder if it fits better within the existing structure.

2. Add a new Markdown file inside the subfolder, as _tutorials/Your_Folder_Name/ Add the following front matter to your file:

title: Your Tutorial Title
permalink: /tutorials/Your_Folder_Name/Your_Tutorial/

I'm contributing to SU2!

3. Add the tutorial pagename to the _data/tutorials.yml file, in order to list it in the navigation panel:

- title: Your Subgroup of Tutorials 
  - Your_Tutorial

4. Create a folder in the root directory of the repo with the name Your_Tutorial_Name.

5. Add your config.cfg, mesh.su2 and any other auxiliary files to the folder Your_Tutorial_Name. Don’t forget to provide the relative links in your Markdown file to these auxiliary files, if necessary.

6. When you are ready, submit a pull request to the develop branch of the SU2 Project Website repository… and it’s all done! Thanks for your contribution!

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